KGET: Kern County in Depth

February 6, 20201 By Jim Scott: Plus, independently-owned pharmacies in Kern County and across the state face an impending crisis due. After bureaucratic mismanagement, the state is now looking to get back hundreds of millions of dollars it overpaid independent pharmacies for specialty medications over a two-year period. Segment starts at 18:10.

Opinion Editorial: Punitive Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rules Pose a Public Health Danger

March 12, 2020; By Dr. Dana Gove: I decided to enter the pharmacy profession because of a strong personal commitment to take care of others; to give patients hope for a healthy life. One of the most important missions our pharmacy performs is to provide injection medications in San Jose and surrounding areas for low-income...

NBC Los Angeles: Pharmacists Claim Healthcare Cuts Hurting Homeless in Skid Row 

November 12, 2019; By John Cadiz Klemack: Some independent pharmacies near downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row say they are struggling and it's all because the state of California has cut back on how they reimburse for very specific medications. They say that it could contribute to the homeless crisis...

Capital Public Radio: Mom-and-Pop Pharmacies Say California's Lower Drug Reimbursement Rates Are Putting them in the Red

October 18, 2019; By Sammy Caiola: The floral wallpaper and cheerful signs at Pucci’s Pharmacy in Midtown Sacramento invoke an old-timey feel that sets it apart from a Rite Aid or CVS. Behind the counter, owner Clint Hopkins greets the two resident support dogs, Allie and Ella, before counseling a patient about...

Mission Local: California's Cunning Plan to Bankrupt Local Pharmacies and Keep Drugs from AIDS Patients

October 13, 2019; By Joe Eskenazi: Many years ago, Bay Area TV commentator Wayne Shannon — remember Wayne Shannon? — told us he supported the dumping of vast quantities of nuclear waste into the ocean just off San Francisco, into the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary...

KCRA 3 (Sacramento TV): California Patients Could Lose Lifesaving Medications

August 29, 2019; By Mike Leury: SACRAMENTO, Calif - There are growing concerns about California patients being cut off from their medications. It’s because of a fight between pharmacists and the state of California over Medi-Cal reimbursement rates, which is now posing a potential risk to public health.

Orange County Register, Opinion Editorial (Paywall): Why OC Has Much to Lose in New Public Health Crisis

August 28, 2019; By Assemblymember Tyler Diep: Californians across our state, including those in Orange County, who depend on life-saving medications are facing the threat of seeing their access to those medications cut off. This looming threat is the result of newly enacted Medi-Cal reimbursement rules, adopted in Sacramento...

Kern Radio: Assemblymember Vince Fong Address a Medi-Cal Crisis with Pharmacies

July 31, 2019; By Kern Radio: Pharmacies around California could close because of a Medi-Cal funding crisis.

Bakersfield Californian, Opinion Editorial: The (Preventable) Public Health Disaster that is Looming Over California

July 31, 2019; By Assemblymember Vince Fong: Millions of Californians who depend on life-saving medications are now facing the threat of seeing their access to health care cut off. It’s a looming disaster that comes from new Medi-Cal reimbursement rules drafted by state bureaucrats in Sacramento, under former Gov. Jerry Brown’s...

Jeff Platt, Eyewitness News: Big Pharma Rebates

July 30, 2019; By Jeff Platt: The government is taking money from big pharma manufactures while forcing locally owned pharmacies to lose money. Taxpayers, patients, and mom&pop businesses are losing, but the government is cashing a big check.

KGET (Bakersfield): Kern County in Depth:  State Regulations Could Lose Local Pharmacies

July 23, 2019: By Kern County in Depth: The new regulatory pressures from Sacramento that threaten to shutter dozens of neighborhood pharmacies in Kern County.

Bakersfield Now: Medi-Cal New Reimbursement Structure Could Impact Vulnerable Populations 

June 24, 2019; By Emily Erwin: The impact of Medi-Cal's new reimbursement structure could impact more than just your local mom-and-pop pharmacy, according Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (KBHRS) Director Bill Walker...

Bakersfield Now: New Medi-Cal rules causing losses, concerns at small local pharmacies

If you're covered by Medi-Cal and you go to a locally owned pharmacy, your pharmacy may stop taking your insurance. This is because of a new system that has Medi-Cal taking thousands of dollars out of the pockets of pharmacies. Medi-Cal decided they were paying too much for...

Nguoi-Viet (Vietnamese): Tiệm thuốc tây độc lập sẽ ‘chết,’ người cao niên California khó mua thuốc

June 7, 2019; By Nguyen Viet Linh: IRVINE, California (NV) – Các dược sĩ cộng đồng trên toàn tiểu bang California đoàn kết dưới danh nghĩa Hiệp Hội Dược Sĩ California (CPhA) vừa thành lập tổ chức CPAG (Community Pharmacy Advocacy Group) nhằm tranh đấu cho bệnh nhân được quyền có các loại thuốc cứu mạng sống, vào tối Thứ...



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